beat_herrenIt all began in 1991 when the first techno sounds reached Basel. Beat Herren first started playing at illegal parties in Basel City. But soon he was heavily involved in the setup of Basel’s first techno club called SOXX Dancehall. After doing the bookings he was offered to take over the management of SOXX Dancehall. With approx. 1400 visitors per night, SOXX Dancehall was one of the most popular clubs in Switzerland.

Beat Herren aka “DJ Fantasy Dream” was one of the first Swiss DJ’s playing trance. He jetted to Amsterdam, Stuttgart and London to get the latest and trendiest trance vinyl discs. His sets were so impressive that he was being hired as a resident DJ at SOXX Dancehall. SOXX Dancehall was sold to new owners in 1995.

Beat Herren is always looking for new challenges, so he took the chance, founded his first own party label and started organizing his own events. Until 1997, he organized more than 70 parties and open air concerts.

In 1995 Beat Herren aka DJ Fantasy Dream jumped into the European music scene when he was offered a recording contract with Adam & Eve Records, which was certainly one of the top labels in Europe at that time. Together with his friend Stefan Hopmann they stepped into the German market being the first Swiss production team in Germany. Their first production „The Fairytale of Soraya“ was released on 12″ vinyl and maxi CD. “The Fairytale of Soraya” went up to the 11th place in the HARDER BUZZ CHARTS. They took the chance and focused on the international market. More productions followed on various labels abroad. Besides that they did DJ compilations on CD for EMMC in India.

In 1995 Beat Herren organized his first mobile at the Street Parade in Zurich. From then on he was organizing mobiles at each Street Parade until 2005 and became a member of the Street Parade Association. 

In 1997, the time had come to set up their own record label. Together with Stefan Hopmann, they founded “Bopp Records”. Initially, they produced their own tracks for Bopp Records. After the 3rd release they started publishing other artist. Until 2003 they produced 12 vinyl records on Bopp Records and were represented on 23 compilations. 

Beat Herren was not only working on his stuff, but did many productions for bands, artist and DJ’s. Until today he produced more than 60 publications. Beat has been dj-ing in Switzerland and abroad for many years by now. He also enhanced his production skills on a regular basis, was educated in Switzerland and abroad (mastering and production trainings). 
In 2002 he founded the mainstream act “Carma” together with two friends. All Carma singles made it into the official Swiss Music Charts. Carma produced 3 video clips. One of them, called “Real Dream” won the Swiss National Award for the best Swiss Video Clip. “Real Dream” was broadcasted more than 450 times by VIVA (Music Television) as well as other TV stations like Roboclib.

In 2004 he founded the label Deep Inside Music. All CD and DVD releases were exclusively distributed by EMI Music Switzerland. His third mix CD on Deep Inside Music was in cooperation with Sin Plomo from Ibiza containing some of Beat’s own productions.

In 2005 Beat Herren produced the official Street Parade DVD with his label Deep Inside Music. On that project he acted as project manager, he designed the DVD cover and did the music mix. It was by far the Street Parade’s best-selling DVD of all times. 

In 2005 Beat spend some time in Bali. Everyone was fascinated by his DJ skills; the booking agency Massive Vibrations offered him a contract immediately. It was followed by numerous performances to date in Indonesia and China. 

Beat was not just travelling as a DJ. He did various projects with bands performing live. One of the legendary gigs was the live act at Club Labyrinth with 9 musicians. He was certainly very busy organizing events with various partner and other club events, most of the in the Zurich area.

In February 2006, Beat joined Lotus Club in Zurich as Head of Management. He was responsible for all management issues in the background.

In May 2007, he offered Johann Sollberger the role as General Manager of Lotus Club. Beat and Johann decided to leave Lotus Club in October 2007 and Beat joined Johann’s party label „Emottion“.

Being in the background management he was increasingly active as a resident DJ. Beat and Johann organized their Emottion parties for a few months in several clubs until they found their own venue which was just perfect for a new club.

In March 2008, they both opened up “Stairs Club” in Zurich. The club established itself quickly in Zurich’s nightlife and became the number one afterhours club in Zurich. Beat’s responsible for the background management once again, is one of the resident DJ’s and acts as night shift leader from time to time. Beat established the monthly Progressive series “Future Waves”, which is the most popular event series in Stairs Club by now. 

Beat is mainly playing music in Stairs Club since he’s still working on other projects. But you still see and hear him spinning in other clubs if he finds the time during his busy schedule. In February 2011 he produced the “Invasion” remix for the Hard Progressive Metal band „Influence X“, which was published on CD in March 2011.

In May 2011 Beat started his latest music project. Under the pseudonym „The Recycler“ he produces his own tracks in the Techno & Tech House segment. His first production, a remix of Michael Deep’s „Szechuan Duck“ appeared in June 2011 on the German label Sunsun Records. Shortly after, in June 2011 Sunsun Records published Beat’s first EP “First Shift”. The EP is available on Beatport, iTunes and other web portals.
In November 2011 the project Recycler released its next EP “Washing Machine” by the Italian Label TMR and 2012 by SUNSUN records Compilation the track “Orion”. As a result of these releases, Beat had several performances on different Side Partys organized by the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami.
In 2013, Beat decided to produce again new Trance tracks (progressive Trance). In December 2013, the EP “Destiny” come out by the German label VuuV Records. Beat found with VuuV Records his new home label and is very happy to bring out his tracks by this famous label. Two further EPs will be released shortly by VuuV. Further EPs and an album are planned.

More information about BeatHerren:

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