DJ Bobby Bella is orignally from Italy and lives in Zurich. He began to make music nearly 30 years ago and is working as a DJ since 1998. His style goes from progressive trance to psytrance and he manages to impress the masses, where ever he is dj-ing. He had the chance to proove his sense for pulsating sounds on different occasions, such as the Stairs Club, alte Kaserne or Inmove Club in Zurich, Gasekessel Bern, Frutta e Verdura in Rome, Climaxx Stuttgart and Station 2B in Cologne. He worked by side of Chris Bekker, Mola, Moussa, Sharon O Love, Roy Golding, Solar Spectrum, Synsoniq, Noise, Dream, Profiler, Vasco, John Dixon, Daniele d’Alessandro, Elias, Metronome, Sideform, Akat and André Vincenzzo